About The School

The school is based at Westonzoyland Road, in the town of Bridgwater, Somerset. We are very proud of our school which has a history going back over 150 years, since it was first established as a Church of England school in 1846.


A Message From The Headteacher

The Staff and Governors of the school aim to provide the children with an education that is broadly based and tailored to meet the children needs and as we move on into the next millennium, to prepare them for the technological age ahead. The Christian ethos is at the heart of all we do and we aim to provide a caring, friendly and happy atmosphere in which a child may fulfil his or her potential and grow in self-confidence and respect for people and the environment.

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We have the most experienced staff and dedicated teachers and care takes per 10 children.


We are very much part of the primary school, dedicated to providing high quality educational provision for 3+ children.

Our Specialities

a heated swimming pool, large hall, library, T.V and group room, modern classrooms and well kept grounds, including an environmental area.

Our Friends, Associates, Sponsors and Community Links

  • We have an excellent body of school governors comprised of parents, former teachers, and officials from the local council. These people preside over important matters at the school such as the appointment of head-teachers, placement of pupils, maintenance of the premises, allocation of funds, etc.
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  • The local Women’s institute are friends of the school and come here once a month to give talks to our girls about feminism and what their rights as women are in this politically correct world in which we live. These talks give our girls a valuable set of life skills they can use as adults.
  • We have strong ties with the local cub scouts and girl guides. They hold their weekly meetings in our school hall. We organize trips with them too. Even the children from our school who are not members of the scouts of guides are welcome on their camping trips, and likewise, some of their number who do not go to our school are welcome at events like our school disco.
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  • Our sports department is a member of the Discovery UK Personal Trainer Course Scholarship Program. This means that each year we get to put forward one of our 16+ pupils to receive a free personal trainer course, which will enable the pupil in question to work as a personal trainer when they finish school if they so choose.